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 Marine Technology

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Liam Hart

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PostSubject: Marine Technology   Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:13 pm

Everything listed below is technology to be used by Marines in the field, not all of it is required.

Communication Earpiece- there are no radios just these.

Eye Contacts- act as a heads up display with thermal vision, night vision, they act as sunglasses when sunny and they help you see things you may not see, such as people hidden in the brush, they also have text communication between you and your team in the case where you have to be quiet or if your captured. These work with mental thought.

Smart Grenades- these are not just regular grenades they are also advanced flash bang, tear gas, and grenades, you just set the setting and throw it and 5 seconds later BOOM.

Body Armor- NOT TO BE USED DURING REGULAR MISSIONS, however for certain missions they are to be used and the helmet is a heads up display, it absorbs energy weapons and is completely bullet proof using our bullets and ones like it.

Mini Fly Drones- tiny drones that you can control using your tablet or let them auto explore. Each team gets hundreds of these and they all go in their separate directions to explore.

Hoverpods- hover pods are small one person crafts that can go up to 80mph and they possess shields but they don't have any weapons. They're capable of autopilot via artificial intelligence that can do everything for you or you can use the controls and control it yourself. They are capable of going through the gate.

Hoverbikes- hover bikes are small one person bikes that can go up to 120mph and can be controlled by AI or by you.

Tablets- tablets are just like they are today but are over 350 years into the future and as such have all of the military database downloaded onto it, has thousands of apps, science apps, and medical apps. If you ever need to scan anything, use the tablet, if you need to look anything up use the tablet or your contacts. They are also holographic when you want it to be.

Nanoboxes- they are small square boxes the size of a golf ball but are prefabricated and can make only a limited amount of self assembling facilities  which are underground bunker, underground barracks, underground vehicle assembly facility, underground research facility and underground starship facility. (there is no picture for this one.)
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Marine Technology
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