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 Character Creation

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Liam Hart

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PostSubject: Character Creation   Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:30 pm

Note that we don't have any alien characters yet, however if you'd like to use one then PM me or chat with me on chat in the homepage and tell me your plan and we'll fit it in, you can also make more than one character but they can't be on the same team for obvious reasons.

Section 1: Personal Details

Name: (surname, first name, middle name(s))
Age: (to apply successfully for a position on the Stargate Command, all applicants (characters) MUST be over the age of 21)
D.O.B.: (day/month)
P.O.B.: (place of birth; country, city, planet)
Nationality (if human)/Species (if alien): (Characters in the command can be from ANY country.)

Height: (feet/inches)
Build: (what is your character's build? ie: muscular, well toned, petite, skinny, rotund, average, slight, etc. If your character is of a military background, or has a role in which a certain type of physicality would be required, please ensure that their build would be capable of fulfilling that role.)
Skin Tone: (what type of skin do they have? ie: olive, fair, dark, rosy, weathered, green, etc.)
Hair: (what color and type of hair do they have? ie: dark, fair, blonde; redhead, curly, wispy, bald, etc.)
Eyes: (eye color)
Distinguishing Features: (tattoos, scars, blemishes, birth marks, etc.)


Family: (father, mother, siblings, etc.)
Marital Status: (single, married, widowed, divorced, engaged, etc.)

Section 2: Employment


A. Fill in this section ONLY if your character is of a HUMAN MILITARY background:

Rank: (which rank does your character currently hold? Cannot be above Lt. Col. or ts equivalent)
Branch of Military: (Navy, Marines.)
Current Role: (your character's CURRENT function/specialty within their chosen military profession)
Previous Employment: (has your character worked in other areas previous to the one that he/she is now in?)
Level of Entry: (is your character a commissioned officer, or non-commissioned?)
Years served: (how many years has your character been active within the armed forces?)
Specialist skills: (in which areas has your character developed specialist skills, if any? ie. small firearms, marksmanship, piloting, explosives, tactics, engineering, maintenance, etc.)
Education background (note that all officers have to go to the military academy so you'd have to go to the West Point Military Academy but you choose the major, go here for list of majors: http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Category:Academic_disciplines):

Additional Information: (please add any relevant additional information here such as disciplinarians, commendations, team skills/work, etc.)

B. Fill in this section ONLY if your character is of a HUMAN NON-MILITARY background (if your a scientist, engineer or other support personnel not in the military you work for the Earth Space Command):

Title: (what title does your character carry within their chosen field of speciality? ie. Dr., Professor, n/a)
Specialist Area: (in what specific area does your character specialise? ie: engineering, linguistics, ITC, cryptography, anthropology, archaeology, etc)
Degree Speciality: (which degree did your character study and which particular areas did he/she specialise to study in?)

Additional Information: (please add any relevant additional information here such as digs, research, team work, collaboration effort, Governmental work, etc)

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History

(Please include some additional background information here on your character such as childhood years, family life, employment history, academic history. Relevant information relating to the past history of your character that will help to build a better picture of your character for evaluation.

Please note that characters with a detailed personal history will be more easily evaluated for acceptance than those who offer few details.)

B. General Personality

i. Character Strengths: (what strengths do you see your character as having? ie: patient, kindly, generous, quick thinking, agile, forgiving, etc.)

ii. Character Weaknesses: (what weaknesses do you see your character as having? ie: hot headed, impatient, reserved, quiet, stubborn, etc.)

iii. Personal attitude and demeanour: (how does your character react to given situations? Do they handle stress well or not, are easily riled, able to follow commands easily, work well within a team, etc.)

Please remember that your character is NOT perfect and although our lives are much better here in the 24th century they still have personality problems like we do today.

C. Additional Information

(Please submit here any additional information that you think or feel is relevant to your character and may help in the evaluation process.)

Ancient gene: (Does your character have the Ancient gene to allow them to activate Ancient technology? If so, is the gene weak, normal or strong, and what is their level of control over it? Also remember that we don't even know about the ancients yet.)
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Character Creation
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